Friday, November 30, 2007


Thursday, November 29, 2007

i should not be at home.
i should be at expo working at the sitex fair.
damn, i lost my voice.. AGAIN.
no voice=cannot work.
that is why my voice is very important to me T_T

yesterday at work, i talk & talk until no voice..
my customers keep asking me is it i lost my voice.
duh, why else would it sound so hoarse and disgusting then!!
there was one customer.. i think he's in his 50s-60s ba
he: did u lose your voice?
me : *croaks* ya
he: go and find it then!

i was laughing then..
stupid janelle kept laughing at me -.-
how evil.. no sense of compassion for the vocally-impaired.
i hope she is not reading this =x

back at work just now, at the fair..
i tried to open my mouth to talk to a customer,
but no sound came out.
shit..i was so embarrassed.

so i told them tt i was going home.. today is so not my day.
i want to watch these tw shows ASAP!
1. 惡作劇2吻
2. 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯
3. 籃球火
4. 霹靂MIT
5. 鬥牛。要不要

all starring my fav actors/actresses~
come to singapore quick alright!

i guess i'll be staying at home to watch hk & tw dramas.
i'm in love with TVB.
i watched the 40th anniversary awards on youtube.
my all-time fav actress is still charmaine sheh :)
2nd will be gigi lai.
3rd tavia yeung.

sorry, i'm a full-time tv addict.
off to satisfy my addiction, bye!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i'm sooo tired.
let the pictures do the talking yea?
its so true that a picture paints a thousand words :)

okay, so i admit that i'm just plain lazy =/

you can really tell which pictures are taking with hp/digital cam by its quality..
it shows a vast difference man.

i love coach ~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

today is a happy day!
i went to work as usual........ shan't elaborate on that.
okay, jan & i were in the midst of typing things..
suddenly 2 ppl walk in the shop then we both stood up and greeted them rather politely~
then i realise that one of them looked like yongwei..
so i stare. then i saw han qiang beside him
it then dawned upon me that it was my leader and the clown who were standing infront of me!

boy, was i shocked to see them!
i thought they working..
i practically shouted ok!
i type type finish then go over and tlk to them..
then i show them the gorgeous jacket!
so nice can.. just cool only i tell u!
chatted for quite long, then yongwei bought a jacket.
i like it~ its nice!
i think it will look even nicer on me, though :)

yea after they left,
then victor came and give us a long talk.
about our sales..... no more excuses. *sniff

there was a pilot whom jan says is gentleman-like.
she went gaga over him ok. xD

&&&, darling gwen & amanda dropped by our shop.
so happy to see her luh~ so long nv catch up already.
then we slacked at my shop, talk talk talk*
dont need to serve customers already.
after that victor sent us to jurong east then we take train home ourselves.

* today's sales wasn't very good..
average only. i need to buck up already..
jan & i were like really no mood after victor talk to us.
but i'm not going to let that affect me
afterall, today is my happy day!